Friday, August 8, 2014

Rainy days get me down!

And just like that, summer dream is over. Hello rainy days and hello month of August.

For some reason, I feel better and enjoy my life more when it’s raining just enough to make me cover up with my favorite white crisp blanket. I can relax at night nor day time. I can grab more sleep with what my body need.

With the rainy season, part of me loves it. It’s all about cocooning but I also get nervous during heavy rains falls and strong winds.

I’m worried with the flooding, brownout and most especially my family back home. My home town is always hit by the storm. 

For now, I'm happily embracing the rainy season it brings with some of my favorite things to do:)

Body Oil

I switch body moisturizer creams to body oil. I love using Neutrogena body oil. It’s so sheer that it vanishes into shower damp skin leaving it soft and silky. It glides easily to the skin. The formula is so light and sheer.

Face moisturizer

I been loyal to this brand. From my crazy college days, until now I’m still using it. Especially now that I’m not getting younger and yes my numbers are counting, a situation I’m afraid off. I have to religiously use moisturizer before I hit the sack. I guess everyone knows how it works and the magic it can do.

Face Mask

I do this once a week during my rest day.  What I love about this product is that it offers a wide range of skin care benefits in one easy application. It clarifies, moisturize, cleanse or lighten the skin.

It comes in different variety depending on your skin type and skin issues.  You can check Watson’s it’s always on sale and often its buy one take one.Good deal:)

Hair Mask

After my one week Palawan escapade which I haven’t share all the stories here in my blog. Sorry:) the memories were awesome. It was a great breather from the hassle and bustle of city life but the prize I paid: dry hair!

My hair has been a big issue or should I say an existing problem since birth. Other people with curly hair struggle with too much volume and I’m having the opposite problem. Fine curly hair is one of the most challenging hair types to manage. Caring for this type of hair is so delicate to balance. Too much product or products that are too sticky or heavy can weight it down so most of the time I tie my hair.

So when it comes to my hair the only treatment I do is a hair mask. A do it to myself. I do this every once a month. If I’m not lazy. Hahaha.

A cup of Joe + blanket and a book.

Massive rains can take out electricity and internet connections and you will be left with only your books and magazines for entertainment. So time to rekindle with your dusty books.

I love cold, rainy weather.
 How about you what are you favorite things to do if it's rainy season?
life is good!


  1. I like sleeping for aboit 18 hours straight. And then wake up to eat something and then sleep again for six hours. Hahahaha!

    Yours is perhaps the most glamorous cocooning I've ever seen. And hey, you're perhaps one of the few people I know who use the cocooning. Impressive! Hehehe!

  2. beauty regimen pala ito kapag rainy season ehehe.

  3. I also use Nivea cream back when I was in elementary days hahah...I guess I have to take it back again, shomoshonda na din ako ;)....and and ko your blankets over there, i love white beddings.

    1. we have too...hahahaa...we both have obsession with white beddings yon nga lang pahiram sa paglaba and I have to iron it para di gusot:)

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  5. I love to eat and drink hot choco on the rainy season, lol! When the weather gets cooler here, I use a thicker body lotion to moisturize my skin more and/or I spray argan oil after bathing. :)

    1. Hot choco with marshmallow...perfect for rainy days;)

  6. I love the rainy season too because like you, I love sleeping under a cozy blanket :) I could also wear nice jackets and scarves and not look crazy hehe :)

    Thanks for sharing your beauty rituals! Body oils rock!

    1. rock on body oil lol! ikaw tlga Zai:)

  7. Rainy season is meant to be spent at home and stay there for as long as you can. Hehe.

  8. Hi Sunny!

    It actually rains most of the year where I live and sadly, I don't like it too much. But I also like just staying inside and keeping warm! Sometimes I feel like a movie or video games and other times I prefer more relaxing activities like doing nothing or writing in my journal (yes, I am serious about doing nothing lol).

  9. I love to work at home pag umuulan. malamig hindi nakakainit ng ulo! :D plus i can get a chance to wear sweater while nag coffee. charot! :D


  10. I love making love during rainy season from breakfsat to dinner lols

  11. Same here! I love rainy days but not so much rain kasi takot din ako sa floods. =)

    Have you tried argan oil? It's the best! I buy the brand Lay Bare sells. It's good na as a moisturizer and body oil. Best thing din is it's absorbed by the skin so fast and it's not greasy. =)


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