Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Run in a dome!

Oh my blog how I miss theee….I actually wanted to update it, a lot of things has happened that are worth sharing but I guess I was so lazy. Work still eats a big chunk of my time. I’m not complaining! I love my job:)  It pays my bills.

My sister was also in town and stayed with me for a whole month in my little box rented apartment. So I have to make sure I have food! So a trip to grocery every other day is a must.  She is such a monster, a morning person. She needs to have breakfast if not, she turn into dungeons. It was a test of physical, mental and emotional strength. She broke my monthly allowance.

For the month she stay with me, she though me one thing, to eat good food…healthy food. She knows that I’m living a not-so-exemplary lifestyle. If I have seen this coming, I could have just close my door. Leave a note. I’m on vacation. Go and find a place for yourself…lol

Well, I’m just human with a bigger heart than my mouth.  I’ve welcome her with boxes of Jco donuts. Her favorite! In response of what she has though me, I got crazy. I stopped smoking completely (lol). Now I’m eating breakfast religiously.  I went as far as shopping for vegetables, fruits, fish and cook. And boy did I cook.

And then I decided to do a Motors diet. A detox.

I want to recount my first day experience but for now I feel like watching my favorite TV series. 

Life is Good!


  1. YAAAY! an update of your blog! :) hope you'll share your happenings soon pag hindi ka na busy. :) Anyway, i will try that diet. will watch it later, let's see if kaya ba. hahaha! Ingat! x

  2. congrats on stopping smoking. that's a big leap...

  3. healthy living na ha ehehe but its good :D

  4. Hi hi. That is what are sisters for. Both wanted and un- wanted:)

  5. You're a good sibling! :) Wish you all the best in living a healthy lifestyle.

  6. yaay welcome back! :) good luck on your new lifestyle. heehee! :)

  7. good luck on your detox and change of lifestyle :)

  8. Wow healthy living keep it up!


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